Kraken Episode 7

Episode 7: Sacrifice

Uma’s body froze in pure terror, the family that had taken them here, had found them. They could possibly face the same fate as the rest of their family in moments. She had no idea what to do, as the slow purposeful footsteps came closer and closer to the bed, Uma lost hope. Even if she tried to fight she’d lose, if she tried to run they’d smell her like they did under the bed. Her time had run out.

That’s when something terrible took place. Before I had the chance to stop him my grandpa popped out from underneath the bed. Revealing himself to whatever twisted monster was out there. The creatures hissed in anger at the site of a perfectly normal human.

“You smell me, I escaped punish me how you must.” My grandpa pleaded

Uma’s grandpa was sacrificing his freedom and possibly his life for hers. She couldn’t help but shed a tear. Her grandpa was so brave and utterly stupid. His disregard for his own safety was instinctual he hardly even thought about it. She had to make it worth while abd save her family.

“Take him to the dungeon with the rest” One hissed to another

Some rustling took place and then silence the family as well as her Grandpa was gone. Uma was totally alone with no plan, no help, and only about 10 years of good life experience. She felt utterly without hope like every opportunity had been squashed away before her eyes. Uma had nothing.

She knew she couldn’t give up, her family was captured and no matter the odds they needed her. Uma’s grandpa was down there, her aunts, her uncles, her mom and dad. No matter what the cost it was necessary they found an escape. That’s when an idea hit her like a lightning rod.

The Kraken the same beast that captured them in the first place. It had listened to her, and cared enough to take her away from imprisonment. It had sparred her and showed her kindness. She wasn’t alone if she went back for him she could use the creatures fondness to fix all of this.

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Spirit Visa Episode 5

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“A clear mind offers answers”


“A trolls curse is only over when the challenge is beat”

Lodries Guide to Monsters

Episode 5: An Unbound Curse

As Uma sat and pondered her riddle, she realized in frustration she was only cluttering her mind. Instead, she crossed her legs and began deep breathing. She stopped thinking entirely clearing her mind of any bias or judgement. She brought herself to a state of peace. Her environment became brighter and more beautiful. Changing to her state of mind.

“What are you doing?” the troll grumbled nastily.

Uma did not answer, she simply allowed the answer to peacefully make its way into her mind. When it had she calmly stood and walked to the bridge. She came face to face with the disgusting troll.

“Well?” she answered swiftly with confidence “Breath”

The troll smiled he grew a taller and his features became more human. He looked at his hands in shock. He began to arise into the air, moving into the heavens just before leaving the spirit world he let out a cry.

“Thank You! My families curse has been broken.”

Uma was really confused, but she was happy for the troll and happy she could now cross her bridge. Pretty soon she’d be at her destination and have spirit friends to play with. Uma was on her way to everything shes ever wanted! She called her coyote forward and began to cross the bridge ready for her next challenge.

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Draw the Picture Episode 5

By: Levi Wyatt

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“The Sky’s the Limit”


“Never give up on your dreams”


Episode 5: My Heavenly Limitations

When I was a kid, I wanted more than anything to be an astronaut. I fantasized day and night about being among the stars in the gorgeous tapestry of space. My parents never liked the idea and told me to “have a solid back up plan”. Over the years the pestering wore me down. By the time I was in high school I had given up on my dreams.

I ended up inheriting my parents farm, It was a responsible financial choice. It was the right thing to do, it would make my parents proud. After that I married the girl my friends thought was hottest and got the car they thought was the coolest. I wore what my neighbors wore so I fit in and had kids because its what you do.

Now I’m forty sitting on the hill of whats now “my farm” looking at the stars above me. I finally have the wisdom to see that my need for safety destroyed my life. My need to fit in cost me every decision I ever made. My fear of failure cost me a future in the stars. The ironic thing is my parents have passed, and the friends I wanted to impress has faded from my life. The only thing i’m left with is a family that I didn’t really choose and a life I didn’t choose.

Now you’ve heard my tale so hear my plea. Follow your dreams no matter the cost. The only one you should be impressing is yourself. People fade but the person you become, the things you do, the legacy you leave it will last forever. Don’t be like me, follow your dreams.

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Kraken Episode 6


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“The Kraken is smarter than most humans, but has limited capabilities because of its inability to speak, use a thumb, or see.”

The Sea Monster Manual

“You should always stay away from dead whales. Why do you ask?”

The local fisherman

Episode 6: Twisted Family

As Maddie and her Grandfather cautiously entered the throne room, the thought of their family, still alive and well, was their only source of bravery. The dark, disturbing, marble walls had a way of sucking the torchlight from the room. Pockets of light were speckled through the room and the hallway beyond it. However, everywhere else was as dark as obsidian. It would be easy to stealthily move about in order to find her family.

They moved quickly, but silently. With every torch they would duck and weave around in order to remain hidden. After moving past the Kraken throne, Maddie saw nothing but rooms of equal beauty. More requisite black marble walls and tall ceilings were everywhere you looked. When Maddie and Grandpa stopped in a bedroom it was slick and well designed, and had many paintings that looked highly valuable.

Whoever lived here had been stealing valuable goods for years using his beast. Maddie couldn’t imagine how many people they had hurt. Grandpas looked sharp and brooding. Like something was worrying him. His brow had an extra four wrinkles layered in.

“Whats wrong Grandpa?” Maddie cautiously asked

“This bedroom looks lived in be careful.” he muttered

As he said it, like a curse, the family started walking down the hallway. talking to each other in smooth warm voices like caramel millionaires. The pair ducked under the bed as they walked by there was five of them a woman, a man, and two kids. They were talking about a new shipment from ‘Beasty’. That must have been its name.

Then in a horrifying instant the family stops walking all together. Maddie’s heart starts beating like a drum. Silence for many seconds each stretching for hours in her panicked mind. She prayed in desperation they were well hidden enough. However, praying wouldn’t be enough. In that moment the room went cold and Murphy took control. In unison, the entire family spoke in a villainous hiss.

“I smell humans” Maddie’s heart stopped, they had been found.

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Burdened Dawn Episode 3

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“Escaping is futile, put your hands in the air.”

-Police Bot Protocol

“Trust is like tape once its gone it never comes back the same”


Episode 3: The Border Guard

As Henry approached the cities border his shoulders became even stiffer than before. His heart thumped so loud he could now hear it as clear as a gong. Fear and worry filled him like an over blown balloon. The excessive security measures disheartened him even more than the impoverished suburbs.

Everything there was elite, only the best of the best for the city guard of course. The wall surrounding the city was at least 30 feet tall with turrets every ten yards. The security guards were dangerous androids with tormenting glowing eyes. Each was suppose to be more dangerous than a hundred people. The gate was many layers thick with a scanner sitting directly above ready to look through all deception.

Henry’s analysis was simple, it would be impossible to get into the city alone. He’d need to assemble a group of people capable of a highly complex break in. He certainly had little money to hire any professionals. He definitely had no favors out here in the suburbs. He’d need to find exceptional people desperate to get out themselves, and he knew just where to look.

Henry turned to head towards the suburbs, in order to get more help. For one bone chilling second Henry’s eyes met with the androids. Their piercing blue scanners taking him apart pathologically gave Henry chills. They looked so human yet so soulless it made him regret his new goal.

Henry would have to find help and sneak past them by tonight if he wanted to get to a ship. The more he moved the more conflict seemed to pile up in front of him. Even though he felt hopeless he knew what was important. His sister wouldn’t have forever, he had to keep going. Everything Depended on it…

To Be Continued…

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The Burdened Dawn Episode 1

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While not all species from Sabylon Nine are violent, it’s best not to approach anything from the planet if you value your life.

Dr. Wilmar Nobbs Guide to Space Travel Pg.3

“The only universal language in the galaxy is resources. Even in space currency talks.”

CEO of the Universe Rorlack Lexington

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Reading Music by CO.AG Music check them out they have a lot of really good stuff.

Episode 1: Henry Levesque

Henry Levesque, while legendary, was not a man born into his privilege. He was born on the peculiar planet Ra kai. It was a wildly dangerous place to live at the time. The super wealthy, self proclaimed, C.E.O of the Galaxy Rorlack Lexington had destroyed the middle class and created a state of wealth imbalance unlike anything earth has ever seen. In the city the rich live like goddess’s eating gourmet food and sleeping in incredible estates. While the normal people like Henry had to struggle just to eat. If that wasn’t bad enough, he had a little sister to feed too. Ana bell was only ten, meaning all she could do was hide in their tiny closet sized apartment. You wouldn’t have recognized that Henry, the young twenty year old willing to do anything to survive.

Henry lived on Mcbuba Avenue, in the deepest part of the projects. Here on the streets its known as the train tracks. They call it that because the avenue isn’t an actual road. Its a bunch of tiny storage unit sized houses along an abandoned train track. It’s the type of place where everyone knows everybody, where family is more than just blood, and where everyone knows how to defend themselves.

Mcbuba Ave.

Our story begins in the coldest part of the year. This time of year many people worry if they may die of cold or starvation. The crops die out and the animals hibernate. Food becomes scarce and that always means casualties. That’s why when Henry walked in the house with a big smile on his face Anabel was almost scared. That is, until he dropped a big bag of mushrooms onto the table. She immediately understood and got a similar smile on her face.

“I found a mushroom cave,” Henry exclaimed with glee.

“Thank you, this is wonderful brother we’ll be fed for days.” she wrapped him in a big embrace.

Henry sat down with his family for dinner. His mother was thanking him graciously for his work foraging in the woods. It was so kind, that Henry was actively insisting he was only doing his share out of pure embarrassment. His sister Anabel was so busy stuffing mushrooms in her mouth she was unable to say anything at all. Despite their rough environment, tonight was a good night.

“Darling we need to tell you something, but you have to promise to not do anything…crazy.” She said it with the caution of a grieving mother.

The news hit him like a bullet train, he felt violently ill his sister would go blind within the year. Progressive sight loss, the only way to stop it would be a 3000 credit surgery. Henry had not seen that type of money in his entire life. His sister would be doomed to a life of darkness if he couldn’t make real money quickly.

Millennium City

Despite his oath to his mother that he would simply go to bed, he needed to do something. There was no money here in the train tracks the only way to save her would be to sneak into the city to find work. It will be dangerous, and illegal but he has no choice. As he finished his diner he made a silent but potent oath, only to his god and himself. Yet, it would stick with him the rest of his life. That day he swore to rise above for his family and for himself.

To be Continued…

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Draw the Picture Episode 3

“Take the advice or don’t after all, I am just a tree.”

-The Wise Willow

“Take a lesson from the tree down the road little creature. The only way to be happy is to be content with what you have.”

-The Wise Willow

Despite my youthful appearance, I’ve lived on this road for some time. Much longer than any of the humans who come and go from their homes like clockwork. Far longer than the birds and squirrels who make their homes among my branches. Certainly longer than ants that run along the grassy hills. Trees aren’t like animals, always moving around hungry and afraid. You seek greater and greater things with no limit. This is because a beast is forever famished. Never content with what it has.
Take a lesson from the tree down the road little creature. The only way to be happy is to be content with what you have. No prey will satisfy your hunger. Even an infinite bounty would not please your empty stomachs. The sole way to truly find peace is to be like a tree.
How often do you see a hedge request anything? Even if a daisy could talk I doubt it would have a single desire. This is because a plant is never moving. A plant’s job is to be still. It collects the bounty the universe provides. It doesn’t ask it for things only sit there and waits.
Of course, because of biology, this is impossible to fully accomplish. However, I hope that there is a lesson in the way we live. After all, I’m older than I look. I’ve seen leaders fall and rise and I’d like to think I know a thing or two. Trust in the universe, I believe you’ll be surprised. The bounties you miss running about are endless. When you let go of control amazing things can happen.
This is not to say to not have any ambitions, animals need their goals. After all, you’ve accomplished many things with willpower. Things a tree-like me can’t scoff at. Perhaps, all I’m trying to say is be content with where you’re at. I see so many humans who desire and desire until it destroys them. Ambition becomes jealousy so easily. The power of gratitude and trust is incredible. Take the advice or don’t after all, I am just a tree.

Write the Picture Episode 2

Every morning, without fail, Samuel watched the sunrise above his old garage. For hours he’d sit, watching the fiery pinks and reds become crisp and blue. Samuel would imagine the new days approaching. He’d reflect the time that had past. After hours of thought, he’d grab his cane and limp his way back to saint Josephs nursing home.
Every single morning, he’d make it only a few feet. The nurses would frantically discover Samuel and put him in an ambulance. They would scold him and lock him in his room. Samuel hated it here. It felt like a prison.
The low ceilings made the building feel suffocating. The chairs were unpleasing and hurt Samuel’s back. Worse of all, the nurses were rude and careless. Samuel planned to escape for real one day.
He thought about life on the road the freedom he so much desired. To him, that seemed natural to dream about in the presence of the sun. After all, the sun rises and sets every morning and night. So why can’t it offer a new beginning?

Samuel snuck out like he always did. The hospital rushed to his old house, to the garage he loved so dearly. They couldn’t find anything, Samuel was nowhere to be found. He had gone the opposite way. He walked all the way to the Hallipart airway. He got in his old plane and flew into the sky.
After that, a national search took place, for years nobody could find Samuel the elusive escaped elderly man. Until one day his body was found peacefully laying in a meadow. It was all the way in Canada if you can believe it. He was looking where the sun rose thinking about the future.

Spirit Visa Episode 3

The Queen glanced at Uma in pity. Realizing what she had done, she apologized eloquently. The Queen requested a special drink to help with the effects. Her servants obliged immediately. Giving Uma a chocolate flavor drink the color of blood.

 Instantaneously, the effects subsided the feeling of charms and spells gripping her ming passed. 

 “What was that?” Uma complained, grabbing her temples in frustration.

“My voice sometimes has that effect, part of being a mermaid I’m afraid” She explained sheepishly.

Despite understanding her predicament, she still felt violated. An odd silence hung in the air for several seconds.

 Uma collected herself, shell shocked, and afraid, she collected her thoughts.

“I live in the middle of nowhere, its become very depressing” She admitted bluntly.

“A fair complaint,” The Queen conceded. 

“I traveled for many days and defeated fierce enemies to find a new home. Hopefully, among friends and a community to call my own. Is there any way I could move into your city, your majesty.” She pleaded helplessly lowing herself to one knee.

 The Queen seemed to ponder this for ages. Possibly she was considering many things at the same time. Maybe she wished to control her runaway charm speech. Whatever the case it was maddening.

 “I wish I could just let you, but sadly it won’t be possible.” She said heavily.

“Why not?” Uma Protested

The Queen giggled at her outrage, which only fueled the fire.

“Why are you acting rude?” She cried indignantly.

“Ugh, very well-child there is a way…” The Queen said.

 She pulled out a quest written on a piece of paper. Exasperated, and frustrated, she took the sheet and reluctantly thanked the Queen before politely leaving the waters.

 The sheet said,  Quest For Citizenship and listed details on a journey to retrieve various items for the city in a faraway temple.

 Uma walked back down the hill and left the town. She looked ahead over the peak of the mountains in the distance. She had come this far already and had her trusty wand with her. As annoying as it was Uma had little option, she’d be forced to do what she has to find friendship. Whether she liked it or not, she had loads to do. Her coyote rubbed against her leg to remind her that she was not alone. Uma Smiled. She felt confident and ready community life was around the corner.

Kraken Episode 3

The water was as cold as an ice bath. Every bone on Maddie’s body felt numb as she dipped into the salty green-lit pool. Terror burdened her. Anything could be lurking in these waters. Even the terrifying monstrosity that put them here.
Whatever it was, it was capable of turning apart her ship like a plaything. It would have little trouble ending Maddie’s life in an instant.
Maddie began to swim as silently as possible but at an incredible pace. She moved her arms and legs in long flowing motions. Maddie hoped to get power without splashing about and alerting nearby beasties.
The boat seemed much further away now then on land. The thick salty water made swimming a tiring effort. Within minutes her pace began to slow.
Maddie began treading water, hoping to conserve her energy. In front of Maddie, in the distance, she saw her grandfather’s ship. She studied with incredible resolution. Maddie Investigated every edge of the boat. Desperately, she pleaded to God to let her see her family.
Her prayer was answered, among the wreckage, she spotted her grandfather. There he was, covered in rubble and debris. Who knew if he was ok, or even alive. All Maddie knew is she was motivated, she swam with the tenacity of a great white shark.
The sight of her grandfather had Maddies heart beating like an assault rifle. She wanted to save him, help him with his injuries. She’d no longer be a child on her own, making terrifying decisions. They’d be ok together, Maddie was sure of it.
At the edge of the beach, she took a moment to rest. Maddie’s arms felt numb and limp from the cold like loose spaghetti. Her breathing was inconsistent. When Maddie tried to stand up, she immediately collapsed to the ground. Maddie knew this couldn’t just be exhaustion. Something was wrong very, deeply wrong.
Her breathing became panicked her tired sitting turned into full out paralysis. Eventually, she collapsed to the sand, unable to move a muscle. Maddie realized, too late that the pool of water wasn’t filled with salt at all. It was poison meant to paralyze prey.
Slowly, massive tentacles began to lift from the surface of the basin. Maddie was horrified as she finally saw her assailant. Its incredible size sent chills up her spine. Her ship’s unadulterated destruction made total sense. This thing was unstoppable and worst of all she couldn’t move an inch.

Write the Picture Episode 1

Our town’s water tower was no easy project. When I grew up, we borrowed from the neighboring town’s tower. People thought that was well enough. I never did, I wished for a way for our community to supply themselves. The first time we brought a complaint was when I was only seventeen. The city council laughed at the mere proposition of a child’s suggestion.
My response was to come again the very next week. I showed up for every meeting that took place. Being turned down so many times became second nature. For ten years, I’d show up regardless of any outside force that apposed me.
I became a woman. I studied and grew. I even got a degree in law, I opened my own firm. As I grew, so did the community around me. It became harder and harder to scoff. I was no longer a child but a lawyer and taxpayer. It had become impossible to ignore me.
I can’t help but look at this tower and appreciate the true potential of humankind. The ability to with hard work and tenacity form a better life. Perhaps to you, this tower is tiny and insignificant. To me, it’s the most incredible tower I’ve ever seen.

Spirit Visa Episode 1

Once upon a time, 

in the land beyond the veil, there lived a young witch named Uma. Despite being only eleven years old, and entirely on her own, she lived an incredible life. She had a comfy hut made from jungle wood and straw, as well as her very own sustainable garden. She had a cobblestone well that went down for several yards. Best of all, she had her wand an incredibly rare item that held unlimited magical potential. The only thing she was yearning for was a friend since she’d been stranded all she’s been able to see is her reflection. She replaced silence by talking out loud to herself, but that hardly helped. The more time that passed, the more depressed she seemed to get. Eventually, She was forced to act. So she packed a bag and started walking from her hut. She walked for days through thick jungles and expansive deserts. Often she nearly passed out from heat exhaustion. Despite that, she kept walking. With little care for her limitations. Whenever she fell, she forced herself to get up. She was entirely determined to find someone. Stopping wasn’t an option. As she traveled, she looked intently hoping to see any living thing even in the distance. Every cave she came by she looked through thoroughly. Every river she swam through with meticulous scrutiny. Still, after weeks of searching, she hadn’t found anything. After days of walking through arid dessert, she was ready to quit. That’s when she saw a small brown speck in the distance. She ran as she had never run before sprinting towards the distant speck. It was a coyote. It was being pecked at by vultures. In a rush, she drew her wand from her bag. Leave him alone! She screamed with all her courage. Summoning an incredible fireball that teathed with energy like a small star. The vultures cawed in disapproval, growing in size until each was the size of a full-grown dragon. She attempted to fire her spell, shooting it at the vulture in the center. The vultures, just flapped in unison blowing it into discarded sparks. The force from the wings was enough to knock her to the ground. Causing her to bash her head aggressively into the sandy floor. The coyote ran to her side, licking her throbbing head.  In moments it felt completely healthy. It had healed her. Thank you, she said softly. She stood and faced the massive birds. Can you help me? She asked. It nodded and put his paw on her leg. The coyote lent her incredible magical energy. The rush felt like being struck by lightning. She used everything they had and created a massive fireball, its power was so intense, that her skin was blistering from the heat. She endured, and with everything she had, she threw it at the vultures creating a massive explosion. The huge vultures hissed in pain, their bodies reduced to ash, in an incredible wave of incineration. Their spirits survived, in the form of three little balls of light. They zipped away further into the spirit planes frantically finding shelter. The coyote nuzzled her leg happily, grateful for his rescue. Uma had made a friend, but she had also made enemies. It seemed that her journey was only beginning. Still, she felt hopeful she had a friend now, what in the world could stop her? 

To be continued…

Spirit Visa Episode 2

Art by @fairykeiboy

Despite being entirely far from home, Uma felt too in awe of the beauty around her to be frightened. Miles of deserts had, in an instant, turned into a luminescent jungle. The massive glowing plants had been hiding, in fear of the vultures hurting them. Now that the vultures were gone the entire landscape was unrecognizable.

    Flowers that glowed like street lamps in hundreds of colors littered the landscape. Each at least three times the size of Uma. Giant trees with pink cotton tops were also incredibly popular. Houses and streams full of nymphs seemed to be at every turn. Friendship was a goal of the past. If she could live here, she’d have a community.

    Her daydreaming was interrupted by a rather small creature clearing its throat.

“Excuse me, miss, may I have a word?” Below her, standing as upright as she would, there was a fox man. He was well dressed and oddly humanoid. He wore a three-piece suit, all black except for an orange tie. Uma had to admit he was incredibly sharp for a fox.

“You can have all the words you want!” She exclaimed excitedly

“Oh dear, if you’d calm down, I must insist you acquire a visa before entering the city.” He muttered impishly

 The Fox spoke in an accent Uma didn’t recognize. It made him sound incredibly wealthy and educated.

“Are you serious? I just saved your city.” She cried in defense

“Mam, again, please calm yourself. I appreciate your part in driving back the vultures.” He made a gesture of gratitude with his hand. “However, rules must be followed,” he muttered hopelessly.

“Ugh fine,” She surrendered “Where do I go to get a visa?”

The fox said nothing only made the hand gesture again. He then pointed her in the direction of who he called the queen. He told her that she could grant her the Visa and wished her luck.

    Although the weasely fox was incredibly odd, Uma found something charming about it. He was so firm in his love for the rules. It was almost admirable if that made sense.

     She ran up the hill covered in houses and into the highest resting Forrest. It was small but surfaced in far more dazzling plant life. It was the crown of the whole tiny village. Inside was a small clear pond.

    Laying in the pond was a beautiful mermaid with dark skin and colorful hair. She was so beautiful, Uma felt slightly nervous in her presence. When she spoke, it was soft but firm. Her speech was like a kung-fu master’s punch.

“Why have you visited me, child?” She asked beautifully.

Uma froze in fear contemplating things to say.  She felt trapped under a spell of pressure, She needed to break out fast. Uma didn’t know much about queens, but she knew they weren’t known to be patient. 

To Be Continued…

Kraken Episode 1

“Deep beneath the sea lives a creature long forgotten. It’s size once told in legends to be larger than even a sailing vessel. Now it’s all but forgotten. As our boats became more resolute, the Kraken retreated further into the sea. Never to be seen, until one day when it returns.”  Grampa would talk dramatically like that for hours on our family fishing trips.

Every epic anecdote would fill their boat with several wide-eyed, slack-jawed children, on the verge of tears. It was a sure sign of an incredible tale.

Despite his incredible skill, Maddie would never get scared. She just listened intently, with a massive smile in awe of the incredible creatures. She loved grampa’s monsters evenColossus, although she knew he stole it from a grown-up movie. Even Maddie’s parents, aunts, and uncles would have keen ears on grampas words. The whole family resembled a crowd watching a car wreck, like it or not, none of them could look away.That’s why Maddie noticed the smell before she saw anything.It reeked like sewage she was forced to cover her nose with her sweater to stop herself from vomiting. Her aunt Penny didn’t have the instinct and was hurling over the side already. It was pretty funny until Maddie heard her shriek with enough force to shatter a window. That sounded serious. As soon as the scream had come, the boat engine thudded to a stop, that seemed even worse.With her mouth still covered, and her breathing stressed, she forced herself to look. It was huge and as dark as obsidian with coral all along its gleaming surface.”That’s a dead whale” She mumbled through her shirt. “The guck in the water must’ve broken the engine.”Her aunt Penny nearly fainted at the news. Her grampas skin turned pearly white. His face seemed to fill with sand. In a way that Maddie imagined was like rapid aging.”Not again… not again… not again” He cried fearfully.

“Grampa what’s wrong?” Maddie asked genuinely

“The Kraken, this is how it starts,” He wailed “This is what they hunger for.” He looked completely deranged. Maybe, that’s why Maddie believed him. The fear in his eyes seemed so real. The rest of the family didn’t agree. They were dreadfully serious giving cross stares from across the ship. Each pair of eyes was as sharp as a razor. “Storytime is over.” Aunt Penny scolded. “We could die out here.”Maddie quickly took her grampa and helped him downstairs into the boat, electing not to give every member of her family a piece of her mind instead.How could they scold an old possibly insane man just for scaring them? It felt so treacherous this dead whale was bringing out the worse in them. Worse than that, not one member of her family could get them out of this mess. Maddie didn’t know how to fix an engine, that was for sure. She just tucked her grandfather in the bedroom downstairs and turned off the lights, hoping it would stop him from freaking out. She went to all the emergency supplies and grabbed the satellite phone. She then dialed the number for the coast guard in a panic. Hoping they’d give them a ride home.Before she could even finish dialing, her ship began turning aggressively. Like she was inside of a high powered washing machine. In moments she was flailing within the living quarters, she was a doll in a shaking dollhouse. She had no control of the chaos around her. In moments, her head cracked against a hard surface, and her vision became dark. The last thing she thought before she passed out, where’s grampa.

to be continued…

Kraken Episode 2

If she stayed here much longer, she was going to freeze to death!Β 


“Hello?” She croaked weakly.

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When Maddie awoke, she couldn’t see, everything around her was entirely dark. It was cold every goose bump on her body was up, and her breath felt like wispy smoke. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop the consistent chattering of her teeth. If she stayed here much longer, she was going to freeze to death!Β Β Β Β Worse than that, she had no idea what happened to her family. No other sounds were coming from the darkness. “Hello?” She croaked weakly. The only thing she heard was the vacant boom of her echo. That was good; It meant she was likely in a cave. Not that she favored caves in any way, but knowing her location helped remarkably. Maddie had a lighter in her pocket she was glad she waited to pull it out. Caves can fill with flammable vapor she had read loads about the hazards of underground caves. She also knew the air could become toxic deep below the ground. To the left, the path led down steeply into an underground lake. The Water basin had a high ceiling and long stalactites. It was better lit in this room with light coming in from below the water. It was a sickly green hue that Maddie didn’t care for, but it was light. Creepy or otherwise the important thing is she could see. She decided to explore the cavern and look at the mine shaft later. After all, she couldn’t leave without her family, and the mine likely had an elevator. She slid down the steep path and entered the opening with a THUD! On the far side of the cavern, she saw a pile of ships. Each was damaged in various ways some in one or two pieces, others in many more. They were stacked tightly in a trash heap the size of Kilimanjaro. With hundreds of ships collectively, it would be impossible to see if hers was among them. It was insane to try, but Maddie knew. Her grampa’s boat could be there. It was way too far to see from here. No paths stretched over, and she had no way of finding a ship. The only way she can see her family again is if she swims. At least, nobody can call her a coward.

To be continued…