Burdened Dawn Episode 5

Episode 5: Secret Pathways

Henry set up a meeting with the man the poster called Vega. When he had called him he mentioned not having money, and told the man his story. Henry was sure he’d hang up or get mad, however he seemed sympathetic to his cause and agreed to help him. Despite the mans kindness he still felt nervous, after all, he’d never met a mercenary before.

Their meeting place didn’t make him feel any better. It was cold and creepy with several metallic structures that Henry didn’t understand. Pools of dirty water and long metallic pipes made the floor feel uncertain like he could trip any moment. When he had first got there he thought Vega would be waiting, instead over an hour later he was still alone. He was starting to think he’d been ditched when the sound of footsteps approaching finally appeared.

A massive pair of metal doors opened in the distance revealing a long corridor connected by glowing horizontal beams running up and down the walls like an obstacle course. The floor was a stream of even muckier water that seemed to follow the path indefinitely. Henry assumed this was how the suburbs made sewer ways, because the smell of this path reeked like a thousand dead bodies. Even from far away it was unbearable.

Out of the path a silhouette appeared, his face was covered by a breathing mask, his boots were huge and connected to his camouflage overalls. He waved his hands towards himself as if inviting Henry to go for a swim. Henry knew what he meant, it was time to go. No room for fear now, he had a date with a mercenary.

Burdened Dawn Episode 2

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“When crashing a spaceship, Its recommended that you aim for soft surfaces. Trees, water, and even farm land can make for superior landings over rocky terrain.”

-The Narlack Manuel’s Book 3

“Never betray family or friends for money because the higher you go the more your gonna need em”


Episode 2: The Hustle

Henry laid in bed as silent, and still as a possum. The sound of his mothers radio in the office next door kept him paralyzed. His sister was already curled up with blankets snoring like a sailor. She had not shed a single tear the entire night. She was braver than anyone Henry had ever met. He was sure, now more than ever, this is what he had to do. His sister didn’t deserve a life of blindness he couldn’t sit around and wait any longer. The second the radio clicked off and Henry’s mother slipped into bed, he made his move. He got dressed quietly, taking his time with each and every movement. Quickly, he packed a backpack full of supplies. Soon as Henry knew for sure his mother was dozed off, he slipped out the window and started walking west.

It took about an hour to escape the train tracks. hundreds of unfortunate souls had houses going for as far as Henry could see. Once he finally escaped he realized it didn’t get much better past the tracks. Despite his notion that the suburbs were as lively as the wealthy city, the streets seemed war torn and savage. The buildings were shredded and gave the eerie feeling they may collapse. The suburb was just as bad as the harshest parts of the tracks. Henry had been lied to his whole life.

Henry was able to easily keep walking past the dilapidated city with little issue. It was abandoned for the most part. The city streets were mainly populated by rats and similar rodents. Not a single person could be viewed even with perfect vision.

Henry felt like he’d go into shock, his legs were made of lead, his veins were filled with bleach. Henry had dreamed of making it out his whole life. Buying a house in the suburbs and living better than his parents did. The truth was as heavy as an avalanche weighing down his chest stealing the breath from his lungs. There was no middle class, the entirety of their society was in ruins to maintain a lavish lifestyle another hour down the road. Meanwhile him and his sister were destined to suffer. It was all in the plan.

Henry was beginning to doubt his plan, it would be a challenging journey. The city was dangerous, how long would he be able to stay there. Would making credits even be possible? No, Henry had to adapt, he could board a ship and fly somewhere with more to offer. Like his dad had tried to do many years ago. Whatever happened Henry would be forced to find a way out and to help his family, the clock was ticking and nothing was gonna bring him down.

To Be Continued…

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