Burdened Dawn Episode 5

Episode 5: Secret Pathways

Henry set up a meeting with the man the poster called Vega. When he had called him he mentioned not having money, and told the man his story. Henry was sure he’d hang up or get mad, however he seemed sympathetic to his cause and agreed to help him. Despite the mans kindness he still felt nervous, after all, he’d never met a mercenary before.

Their meeting place didn’t make him feel any better. It was cold and creepy with several metallic structures that Henry didn’t understand. Pools of dirty water and long metallic pipes made the floor feel uncertain like he could trip any moment. When he had first got there he thought Vega would be waiting, instead over an hour later he was still alone. He was starting to think he’d been ditched when the sound of footsteps approaching finally appeared.

A massive pair of metal doors opened in the distance revealing a long corridor connected by glowing horizontal beams running up and down the walls like an obstacle course. The floor was a stream of even muckier water that seemed to follow the path indefinitely. Henry assumed this was how the suburbs made sewer ways, because the smell of this path reeked like a thousand dead bodies. Even from far away it was unbearable.

Out of the path a silhouette appeared, his face was covered by a breathing mask, his boots were huge and connected to his camouflage overalls. He waved his hands towards himself as if inviting Henry to go for a swim. Henry knew what he meant, it was time to go. No room for fear now, he had a date with a mercenary.

A Short Story Central Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays. As the years move forward, life here on earth seems to be getting more and more chaotic and divisive. 2019 was a crazy year to be alive, and I suspect 2020 to be just as wild. In this tangled climate of hate and confusion we’ve seen the impeachment of our president here in America, as well as the death of one of our greatest musical talents Juice Wrld. It seems everyday we get closer and closer to despising each other.

All around the world it seems pressure is rising from the politics in the UK to the forest fires in Brazil. Talk of AI advancement and global warming has us feeling like we’re in an apocalyptic war zone as of late. As Christmas time roles around I wanted to reflect on the positives of man kind the things we all enjoy. To set aside this feeling of exhaust and conflict and enjoy what makes us the same. Because, at the end of the day we are.

I’m going to to post several videos of things that I think represent the human spirit and the spirit of Christmas. I hope this is fuel for you guys as we trudge on into another difficult year. I wish to help all of us remember during all of the controversy and bickering we are all on the same team. Please enjoy A Short Story Central Christmas!

Thank you for reading and taking a look at the videos I picked out. I hope I was able to inspire you with a little more hope than this year has offered us. Even though it seems like the most divisive era of all time Its important to remember that people can also be kind. Enjoy your holidays, and remember that kindness like negativity spreads when given the proper fuel.

Kraken Episode 7

Episode 7: Sacrifice

Uma’s body froze in pure terror, the family that had taken them here, had found them. They could possibly face the same fate as the rest of their family in moments. She had no idea what to do, as the slow purposeful footsteps came closer and closer to the bed, Uma lost hope. Even if she tried to fight she’d lose, if she tried to run they’d smell her like they did under the bed. Her time had run out.

That’s when something terrible took place. Before I had the chance to stop him my grandpa popped out from underneath the bed. Revealing himself to whatever twisted monster was out there. The creatures hissed in anger at the site of a perfectly normal human.

“You smell me, I escaped punish me how you must.” My grandpa pleaded

Uma’s grandpa was sacrificing his freedom and possibly his life for hers. She couldn’t help but shed a tear. Her grandpa was so brave and utterly stupid. His disregard for his own safety was instinctual he hardly even thought about it. She had to make it worth while abd save her family.

“Take him to the dungeon with the rest” One hissed to another

Some rustling took place and then silence the family as well as her Grandpa was gone. Uma was totally alone with no plan, no help, and only about 10 years of good life experience. She felt utterly without hope like every opportunity had been squashed away before her eyes. Uma had nothing.

She knew she couldn’t give up, her family was captured and no matter the odds they needed her. Uma’s grandpa was down there, her aunts, her uncles, her mom and dad. No matter what the cost it was necessary they found an escape. That’s when an idea hit her like a lightning rod.

The Kraken the same beast that captured them in the first place. It had listened to her, and cared enough to take her away from imprisonment. It had sparred her and showed her kindness. She wasn’t alone if she went back for him she could use the creatures fondness to fix all of this.


Burdened Dawn Episode 4


Episode 4: Finding Help

That night, Henry went to the local pub in order to find help for his unfortunate situation. As the electric door swung open he was greeted by a less than friendly sight. The pub was dirty and smelled like a garbage can. Inside the most intense people Henry had ever seen stared at him with merciless hunger. Henry still couldn’t believe this was the suburbs.


His whole life this place seemed like an attainable goal for somebody like him. However, all Henry had seen his entire trip was poverty near the level of the train tracks. He wondered if the city would even be better than this. Perhaps it was all a lie, put together by wishful thinkers. Henry pushed the thought aside forcing himself to focus on the threat at hand.


“I’m looking for passage into the city, does anybody have advice?” Henry asked plainly, the attention already fully focused on him.

The crowd in front of him hardly answered in glee. They stayed silent and returned to their conversations apparently deciding Henry was no longer a threat. Henry didn’t know whether to be offended or relieved to have all the focus so quickly shifted away from him. He looked around hoping to see anyone still willing to hear him out. He saw nothing not a person in the room still noticed his existence.

That’s when Henry locked his eyes on a board at the end of the room. On the board only a single piece of paper was pinned with a scary looking man and a sum of money at the bottom of the sheet. He was a mercenary for hire who went by the name of Vega. Perhaps, this was the man who could help him. He hardly had enough money to afford it, but the way he saw it he was running out of options.

The Magic Profiles: Episode 2

“Power is not good or bad, It simply is.”


“The Leviathan is a terrible and despicable creature, I would hardly want to run into something that scary on open waters.”

MAU Director

Episode 2: The Leviathan

This is a series about the most dangerous beings to ever graze our earth. The creatures that came from a power long forgotten. While some rely on technology, or Martial Prowess to defeat their enemies, a whole other class of combat exist right under our noses. Here we’ll explore that power and its many applications. This isΒ The Magic Profiles.

Today we’ll be talking about a sea monster of biblical proportions. A creature so massive that even the ships currently in our possession get dwarfed in comparison. This iconic beast is considered a threat even by the angels that once battled him, the Leviathan exist in a completely different league even in comparison to something like the Kraken. So, let’s take a deeper look into what makes this beast such a formidable magical being. What is it that separates him as the baddest beast in the sea?


Let’s start with his gargantuan size and significant physical advantages. The Leviathan is about a hundred times bigger than a blue whale. Human beings don’t even get as big as a Leviathan tooth, to make a more understandable comparison. Its jaw size and strength alone is enough to take massive bites out of steel war ship with little in the way of resistance. Whenever it moves its tail in order to swim thousands of gallons of water get displaced in an instant. Its size is so legendary even sailing near him is incredibly dangerous. However, size isn’t all he has.

The Leviathans magic is surprisingly fire based despite his status as a sea monster. He is known to create boiling waters with a devastating fire breath in order to intimidate and even kill his opponents. His ability to discharge fire from his mouth can be used on anything from cities to ships and is often used in conjunction with his tail and body weight. It’s well known that being in front of the heat blast of this mighty creature puts even a dragon to shame. Due to its huge belly and mouth, his breath is often compared to the blast of a volcano or geyser. That being said, he is hardly just an offensive creature.

The Leviathans skin is capable of withstanding gun fire or even explosions. Its hundreds of times denser than steel and because of its massive surface area its considered practically unbreakable. No human weapon thrown at it has been capable of even making it bleed. Angel weapons will hurt it, but its hardly an easy target. During his battle with angel kind the Leviathan withstood several heavy blasts that arguably most creatures couldn’t. All in all, the Leviathan is a complete unstoppable shield from his head to his tail.

The Leviathan is an incredibly terrifying beast with little weakness’s. He is often considered more of a force of nature than a creature. His insane size, fiery breath, and unstoppable hunger do certainly seem similar to an end of days. It is wise to avoid this beast at all costs if one values their safety. The Leviathan is and remains one of histories strongest magical beings.

The Magic Profiles


“Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!”


“Santa is quite the spell caster no doubt about it.”

-MAU Director

Episode 1: Santa Clause

This is a series about the most dangerous beings to ever graze our earth. The creatures that came from a power long forgotten. While some rely on technology, or Martial Prowess to defeat their enemies, a whole other class of combat exist right under our noses. Here we’ll explore that power and its many applications. This is The Magic Profiles.

Our first episode will be an in depth look into our favorite jolly saint. While some might see Santa as some morbidly obese elderly man, I can assure you he is a fitting choice for this list. Santa is one of the most powerful forces known to man, underestimating him is a grave mistake.


Santa has been around magic his whole life. It’s clear to see in his anime backstory (video above). His familiarity with magic creatures helped him to form the incredible alliances he has today. Even as a boy, he knew the elves well and learned from their teachings. Over the years as he achieved incredible renown and eventually immortality, his magic grew to be even more natural than his physical body. By the time he had been spell casting for 170 years Santa had a grasp over every known spell on the planet. Even the elves that taught him recognize that he has long surpassed them in skill.

Santa’s most impressive spells include Ice and snow manipulation, the ability to bestow flight to a grounded creature, and most impressive of all the divination skills to see every child’s entire year at once. Even among spell casters these feats are beyond incredible. Santa’s experience and skill with magic is unlike anyone since Merlin himself.

Santa has many insane feats even past his spell book. He’s fast enough to travel the world in a single night. He casually carries a bag containing every child’s gift on the entire planet with little struggle. He can fit into a tiny chimney even with his massive size. Without magic Santa is still insanely capable. He’s fast, strong, and flexible, despite his appearance he puts even our best athletes to shame.

This has been an in depth look at one of the most powerful spell casters of our time. I hope I was able to show you that this is no man to be underestimated. I invite you not to mistake his kindness for weakness. Next time you hear HO HO HO remember that Santa is no weakling. He uses his powers to help others but make no mistake, he was and remains one of earths most powerful Magical beings.

Short Story Central Fan Poll 2

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Spirit Visa Episode 5

Image by https://www.amazon.com/Imagekind-Entitled-Trolls-Bridge-Plesser/dp/B01L1CP0HI

Video by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU8iCAxAsH4

“A clear mind offers answers”


“A trolls curse is only over when the challenge is beat”

Lodries Guide to Monsters

Episode 5: An Unbound Curse

As Uma sat and pondered her riddle, she realized in frustration she was only cluttering her mind. Instead, she crossed her legs and began deep breathing. She stopped thinking entirely clearing her mind of any bias or judgement. She brought herself to a state of peace. Her environment became brighter and more beautiful. Changing to her state of mind.

“What are you doing?” the troll grumbled nastily.

Uma did not answer, she simply allowed the answer to peacefully make its way into her mind. When it had she calmly stood and walked to the bridge. She came face to face with the disgusting troll.

“Well?” she answered swiftly with confidence “Breath”

The troll smiled he grew a taller and his features became more human. He looked at his hands in shock. He began to arise into the air, moving into the heavens just before leaving the spirit world he let out a cry.

“Thank You! My families curse has been broken.”

Uma was really confused, but she was happy for the troll and happy she could now cross her bridge. Pretty soon she’d be at her destination and have spirit friends to play with. Uma was on her way to everything shes ever wanted! She called her coyote forward and began to cross the bridge ready for her next challenge.

Thank you for reading guys! Our next post should be on Thursday at our usual time. I hope to see each and everyone of you again, enjoy the rest of your day, thanks again for reading! Goodbye!Β 

Draw the Picture Episode 5

By: Levi Wyatt

Art by http://www.youramazingplaces.com/20-jaw-dropping-nature-photos/

Music by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9yWYs0XsQk&list=PLfP6i5T0-DkIa5XQHB0gXugbXz4Bm2PD1&index=8

“The Sky’s the Limit”


“Never give up on your dreams”


Episode 5: My Heavenly Limitations

When I was a kid, I wanted more than anything to be an astronaut. I fantasized day and night about being among the stars in the gorgeous tapestry of space. My parents never liked the idea and told me to “have a solid back up plan”. Over the years the pestering wore me down. By the time I was in high school I had given up on my dreams.

I ended up inheriting my parents farm, It was a responsible financial choice. It was the right thing to do, it would make my parents proud. After that I married the girl my friends thought was hottest and got the car they thought was the coolest. I wore what my neighbors wore so I fit in and had kids because its what you do.

Now I’m forty sitting on the hill of whats now “my farm” looking at the stars above me. I finally have the wisdom to see that my need for safety destroyed my life. My need to fit in cost me every decision I ever made. My fear of failure cost me a future in the stars. The ironic thing is my parents have passed, and the friends I wanted to impress has faded from my life. The only thing i’m left with is a family that I didn’t really choose and a life I didn’t choose.

Now you’ve heard my tale so hear my plea. Follow your dreams no matter the cost. The only one you should be impressing is yourself. People fade but the person you become, the things you do, the legacy you leave it will last forever. Don’t be like me, follow your dreams.

Thank you for reading guys! Our next post should be on Tuesday at our usual time. I hope to see each and everyone of you again, enjoy the rest of your day, thanks again for reading! Goodbye!Β 

KSI VS Logan Paul 2

My Thoughts On This Weekends Historic Boxing Clash In LA, and It’s Effects on the Sport

By: Levi Wyatt

Spoiler Warning for KSI VS Logan Paul 2 (DUH)

This weekend, one of the biggest boxing events of all time finally took place. Logan Paul, the controversial mega star finally got his rematch with his British arch rival KSI. In their first battle last year the event ended in a perfect draw. Now, they’d be robbed of their head guard’s and both of them wanted blood. This match from the beginning took the world by storm. It happened so explosively that I think many of us are left asking “Now what?” Id like to look back and consider how this massive fight effected the sport I love so dearly. I understand how different this is from my usual material, but personally I have a ton to say about it. So without further a due, lets get into Logan Vs KSI 2.

In the lead up to this fight, I thought Logan had a major mental edge. The media build up to this event gave me flash backs to Mayweather vs Mcgreggor. Logan spent little time convincing us of his skill, and spent a lot of his energy cutting at KSI. This isn’t a new strategy by any means. Yet, Logan escalated it much farther than fight fans were ever used to. He predicted a first round decapitation, sported an atrocious mustache, and came at KSI for his lack of math skills. Unlike Floyd, you could see many moments were Logan broke KSI’s cool with his jokes and showboating. All around it seemed Logan had mentally gotten into KSI’s defenses. That mixed with his imposing size led to a massive favoring of Logan leading into the fight. During this time KSI was more focused on showcasing his killer team and intense training, something Logan should have taken seriously. As the fight approached closer, tempers only got hotter, and as the fight came to a start the tension had become indescribable.

During the first two rounds, it was a very different story. Logan at times had his guard as low as his hips. He hugged in a repeated and unprofessional way. He tried fighting conservatively, but without the defensive skills to back it up, he seemed overwhelmed. KSI on the other hand came ready to fight. In the first half KSI landed several incredible punches. All in all, the fight was much different than the mind games. Logan’s groundbreaking confidence had left him. As they swung into the third, it seemed to be over for Logan. With KSI landing a beautiful hook overhand combination and knocking him down to his knees. Yet, Logan looked far from ready to give up the fight.

In the second half Logan seemed to be gaining a little more control. He started the fourth bringing the fight back to an even exchange. To many it seemed he was ready to turn this fight around. That’s when everything changed, Logan grabbed KSI and held him in place with his arm, then punched him to the ground. After that, he struck him while he was still on the mat. The ref immediately withdrew two points for the foul. Also deciding he would save him from the cancellation of his knockdown. For the rest of the fight KSI went back to controlling the match landing several powerful shots, while Logan was never able to recover from his lost points.

When all the dust had settled, the judges called it a split decision. KSI was given the victory and it was finally over. The Nightmare KSI remained the champion and Logan was in shock. Logan and his couch think the call was a bad one. They think they are the rightful winners. I personally disagree, Logan Cheated, His only knockdown realistically shouldn’t of counted and he definitely hit a man while downed. In my opinion he lost not by a split but to a significantly better boxer. He wasn’t ever in control of the fight and the judges were right to award KSI the belt.

So what will this event do for boxing? Frankly, a lot actually, Logan and KSI brought excitement back to this sport. It brought eyes and ears away from everything for one night to show the world the incredible entertainment of boxing. No matter the mistakes they made or the lessons they were faced with, they were both fearless and deserve the utmost respect. Personally, I think they both need a lot more work, but that’s whats so amazing about boxing to begin with there’s so much to learn, you could spend a life on it. Logan has time to work on his guard and his wrestling issues or the time to do something else entirely. What matters is that they worked there hardest and were brave enough to take the leap.

Thank you for reading guys! Sorry for the oddball post. Our next post should be on Thursday at our usual time. I hope to see each and everyone of you again, enjoy the rest of your day, thanks again for reading! Goodbye!Β 

Kraken Episode 6


Art by the incredibly talented https://azerothian-details.tumblr.com/ please check him out πŸ˜€

Music by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gPOwt2gmrg they made a really good reading playlist so check them out^^^^^^^


“The Kraken is smarter than most humans, but has limited capabilities because of its inability to speak, use a thumb, or see.”

The Sea Monster Manual

“You should always stay away from dead whales. Why do you ask?”

The local fisherman

Episode 6: Twisted Family

As Maddie and her Grandfather cautiously entered the throne room, the thought of their family, still alive and well, was their only source of bravery. The dark, disturbing, marble walls had a way of sucking the torchlight from the room. Pockets of light were speckled through the room and the hallway beyond it. However, everywhere else was as dark as obsidian. It would be easy to stealthily move about in order to find her family.

They moved quickly, but silently. With every torch they would duck and weave around in order to remain hidden. After moving past the Kraken throne, Maddie saw nothing but rooms of equal beauty. More requisite black marble walls and tall ceilings were everywhere you looked. When Maddie and Grandpa stopped in a bedroom it was slick and well designed, and had many paintings that looked highly valuable.

Whoever lived here had been stealing valuable goods for years using his beast. Maddie couldn’t imagine how many people they had hurt. Grandpas looked sharp and brooding. Like something was worrying him. His brow had an extra four wrinkles layered in.

“Whats wrong Grandpa?” Maddie cautiously asked

“This bedroom looks lived in be careful.” he muttered

As he said it, like a curse, the family started walking down the hallway. talking to each other in smooth warm voices like caramel millionaires. The pair ducked under the bed as they walked by there was five of them a woman, a man, and two kids. They were talking about a new shipment from ‘Beasty’. That must have been its name.

Then in a horrifying instant the family stops walking all together. Maddie’s heart starts beating like a drum. Silence for many seconds each stretching for hours in her panicked mind. She prayed in desperation they were well hidden enough. However, praying wouldn’t be enough. In that moment the room went cold and Murphy took control. In unison, the entire family spoke in a villainous hiss.

“I smell humans” Maddie’s heart stopped, they had been found.

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Burdened Dawn Episode 3

Reading Music


Image by https://imwaaal-cyberpunk.tumblr.com/ check him out on his Tumblr ^^^^^^

Music was made by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5o_0BoTvWg check them out on youtube ^^^^^^^

“Escaping is futile, put your hands in the air.”

-Police Bot Protocol

“Trust is like tape once its gone it never comes back the same”


Episode 3: The Border Guard

As Henry approached the cities border his shoulders became even stiffer than before. His heart thumped so loud he could now hear it as clear as a gong. Fear and worry filled him like an over blown balloon. The excessive security measures disheartened him even more than the impoverished suburbs.

Everything there was elite, only the best of the best for the city guard of course. The wall surrounding the city was at least 30 feet tall with turrets every ten yards. The security guards were dangerous androids with tormenting glowing eyes. Each was suppose to be more dangerous than a hundred people. The gate was many layers thick with a scanner sitting directly above ready to look through all deception.

Henry’s analysis was simple, it would be impossible to get into the city alone. He’d need to assemble a group of people capable of a highly complex break in. He certainly had little money to hire any professionals. He definitely had no favors out here in the suburbs. He’d need to find exceptional people desperate to get out themselves, and he knew just where to look.

Henry turned to head towards the suburbs, in order to get more help. For one bone chilling second Henry’s eyes met with the androids. Their piercing blue scanners taking him apart pathologically gave Henry chills. They looked so human yet so soulless it made him regret his new goal.

Henry would have to find help and sneak past them by tonight if he wanted to get to a ship. The more he moved the more conflict seemed to pile up in front of him. Even though he felt hopeless he knew what was important. His sister wouldn’t have forever, he had to keep going. Everything Depended on it…

To Be Continued…

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