Once upon a time, 

in the land beyond the veil, there lived a young witch named Uma. Despite being only eleven years old, and entirely on her own, she lived an incredible life. She had a comfy hut made from jungle wood and straw, as well as her very own sustainable garden. She had a cobblestone well that went down for several yards. Best of all, she had her wand an incredibly rare item that held unlimited magical potential. The only thing she was yearning for was a friend since she’d been stranded all she’s been able to see is her reflection. She replaced silence by talking out loud to herself, but that hardly helped. The more time that passed, the more depressed she seemed to get. Eventually, She was forced to act. So she packed a bag and started walking from her hut. She walked for days through thick jungles and expansive deserts. Often she nearly passed out from heat exhaustion. Despite that, she kept walking. With little care for her limitations. Whenever she fell, she forced herself to get up. She was entirely determined to find someone. Stopping wasn’t an option. As she traveled, she looked intently hoping to see any living thing even in the distance. Every cave she came by she looked through thoroughly. Every river she swam through with meticulous scrutiny. Still, after weeks of searching, she hadn’t found anything. After days of walking through arid dessert, she was ready to quit. That’s when she saw a small brown speck in the distance. She ran as she had never run before sprinting towards the distant speck. It was a coyote. It was being pecked at by vultures. In a rush, she drew her wand from her bag. Leave him alone! She screamed with all her courage. Summoning an incredible fireball that teathed with energy like a small star. The vultures cawed in disapproval, growing in size until each was the size of a full-grown dragon. She attempted to fire her spell, shooting it at the vulture in the center. The vultures, just flapped in unison blowing it into discarded sparks. The force from the wings was enough to knock her to the ground. Causing her to bash her head aggressively into the sandy floor. The coyote ran to her side, licking her throbbing head.  In moments it felt completely healthy. It had healed her. Thank you, she said softly. She stood and faced the massive birds. Can you help me? She asked. It nodded and put his paw on her leg. The coyote lent her incredible magical energy. The rush felt like being struck by lightning. She used everything they had and created a massive fireball, its power was so intense, that her skin was blistering from the heat. She endured, and with everything she had, she threw it at the vultures creating a massive explosion. The huge vultures hissed in pain, their bodies reduced to ash, in an incredible wave of incineration. Their spirits survived, in the form of three little balls of light. They zipped away further into the spirit planes frantically finding shelter. The coyote nuzzled her leg happily, grateful for his rescue. Uma had made a friend, but she had also made enemies. It seemed that her journey was only beginning. Still, she felt hopeful she had a friend now, what in the world could stop her? 

To be continued…

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