If she stayed here much longer, she was going to freeze to death!Β 


“Hello?” She croaked weakly.

Reading Music

When Maddie awoke, she couldn’t see, everything around her was entirely dark. It was cold every goose bump on her body was up, and her breath felt like wispy smoke. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop the consistent chattering of her teeth. If she stayed here much longer, she was going to freeze to death!Β Β Β Β Worse than that, she had no idea what happened to her family. No other sounds were coming from the darkness. “Hello?” She croaked weakly. The only thing she heard was the vacant boom of her echo. That was good; It meant she was likely in a cave. Not that she favored caves in any way, but knowing her location helped remarkably. Maddie had a lighter in her pocket she was glad she waited to pull it out. Caves can fill with flammable vapor she had read loads about the hazards of underground caves. She also knew the air could become toxic deep below the ground. To the left, the path led down steeply into an underground lake. The Water basin had a high ceiling and long stalactites. It was better lit in this room with light coming in from below the water. It was a sickly green hue that Maddie didn’t care for, but it was light. Creepy or otherwise the important thing is she could see. She decided to explore the cavern and look at the mine shaft later. After all, she couldn’t leave without her family, and the mine likely had an elevator. She slid down the steep path and entered the opening with a THUD! On the far side of the cavern, she saw a pile of ships. Each was damaged in various ways some in one or two pieces, others in many more. They were stacked tightly in a trash heap the size of Kilimanjaro. With hundreds of ships collectively, it would be impossible to see if hers was among them. It was insane to try, but Maddie knew. Her grampa’s boat could be there. It was way too far to see from here. No paths stretched over, and she had no way of finding a ship. The only way she can see her family again is if she swims. At least, nobody can call her a coward.

To be continued…

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