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Burdened Dawn

The epic tale of the legendary Captain Henry Levesque. Born on a planet with a massive wage gap Henry knew poverty well. Watch as he tries to make a name for himself and save his little sister from the clutches of blindness.

Spirit Visa

Uma has been living alone for some time now. Ever since her departure into the Spirit World she hasn’t had much of a choice. Friends are pretty hard to come by in a place like this. Of course, that’s not enough to stop someone like Uma. Come along as she adventures through amazing sites, wacky characters, and impossible challenges. All in the hopes of companionship and exploration. It’s gonna be a wild ride.


When Grampa’s annual fishing trip turns into a complete disaster, its up to Maddie to save the day. Despite the odds shes not the type of book worm you should underestimate. With determination and a lot of brain power, this anti social book worm is about to get a quest of her own. Will that be enough against the strongest monster in all the seas, or will Maddie crumble under the pressure? Find out now!

Write the Photo

I take a picture and write a small story inspired by it. Generally these can be pretty random so just be prepared for anything. Think of it as our curve ball series. We hope you guys will enjoy! πŸ™‚

Random Projects

We have a ton of random stuff we like to do. We have featured artists with various different styles as well as random side stories and lists. All in all you never know what to expect on the posting board we love or random projects.